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Thom King, Co-Founder 

Thom King has always been a bit of a foodie and health nut. If he isn’t coming up with new and exciting ways to prepare food for friends and family, he is working on a macro-biotic diet. For King, food is a passion, particularly healthy quality food that makes the planet a healthier place, and maintains a level of sustainability. King’s goal is to eliminate Type II Diabetes one meal at a time.

King is an accomplished businessman, television producer, filmmaker and author. He began his life journey in Colorado (via Wisconsin), where he studied marketing at the University of Colorado. He graduated from Chadwick University with a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and went on to attend graduate school at the University of California, Los Angeles, where he studied Music Law and Music Publishing.

King began his career in the broadcast industry. He was the vice president and general manager of a cadre of five radio stations for McDonald Media Group, Inc., a division of McDonald Investment Company, Inc. These five radio stations were KHAY-Country, KBBY-AC, KVEN-News-Talk, KMGQ-NAC and KHTY-Modern Rock. King also held the position of regional vice president of sales for the Integrated Marketing and Online division of Clear Channel Worldwide. While at Clear Channel, King leveraged the tremendous consumer reach and broad appeal of Clear Channel’s local radio brands as well as entertainment and venue opportunities. King was instrumental in helping Clear Channel capitalize on unique opportunities by converging its radio assets and outdoor assets — with its interactive assets — into fully integrated campaigns that garnered maximum results, effectiveness and efficiency.

In 1992 King founded Southwest Multimedia as an incubator for developing businesses that fit the vision and sensibilities that Southwest Multimedia was founded on. This vision is to support aspiring entrepreneurs and small business in cutting-edge zero-carbon-footprint technologies and concepts. One company that Southwest Multimedia fostered was Multimediary Entertainment Marketing. Multimediary Entertainment Marketing’s goal is to augment (not replace) what consumer brands are currently doing by using selected entertainment properties in music, TV and film to build brand equity with audiences in the appropriate target market. This is achieved by using their likeness, music, tours and creative, retail-driven on-or-off-premise promotions.

In 1999 King founded Steviva Brands, Inc. It is one of the largest importers and distributors of stevia-based products. Stevia is an extraordinarily sweet herb 200-300 times sweeter than sugar. Stevia is calorie free, making it ideal for diabetics, people on low-glucose diets, or those simply wanting to lose weight. It is ideal for children (as well as adults) because it helps prevent cavities. Unlike sugar, stevia does not trigger a rise in blood sugar, resulting in a burst of energy followed by fatigue. Stevia’s energy increase is more gradual and longer lasting. Stevia also aids digestion and does not feed yeast or other microorganisms. Stevia is completely safe and has been used for centuries by the indigenous peoples of South America, where it grows wild.

In addition to being a managing partner in Stumptown Records and TomKat Records, King is continuing to focus on his current passion, which is bringing consumers the finest quality, healthy products. His latest business venture is as one of the co-founders of Trinity Hill Farms, LLC. Trinity Hill Farms, LLC, is a partnership formed between Chef George Brown of Chef George Inc., and marketing consultant Joe Severson. Chef George Inc. is an experienced Portland packing company that efficiently produces food

King is a member of and contributor to the Portland Boys & Girls Club. In addition, he is a volunteer and mentor for the Mercy Corps MicroMentor program, as well as a contributor and participant in the Audubon Society of Portland, Ecotrust and the Wild Salmon Center.

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